Welcome to Umina Beach Men’s Shed

From the outside a shed can look like any other shed. As men get older and the need to downsize our accommodation increases, one of the first casualties is our shed in the backyard. From this scenario a uniquely Australian phenomena was born – The Men’s Shed. This is a place where members of the community of all different life experiences come together at their own pace, share skills, swap ideas, solve problems and be involved in projects for the benefit of the community.

If you look inside a Men’s Shed you will begin to notice some subtle and not so subtle differences between the various sheds. These differences will generally reflect the interests of and the activities undertaken by the shed members.

The Umina Beach Men’s Shed encourages and involves itself in suitable projects that will benefit the wider community in the area. These activities include, but are not limited to projects such as building a sand pit for the local school, making boomerangs for the primary school to celebrate NAIDOC week, providing elevated garden beds for the use by wheelchair bound patients of a nearby nursing home and to provide activities for men with limited mobility so they can continue to be active and productive in their life.

The Men’s Shed also operates a community garden for the benefit of members and the general community. We also have a program to teach interested members about the use and maintenance of computers.

Members frequently undertake their own varied projects using the facilities provided by the Umina Beach Men’s Shed. This type of activity provides an invaluable learning opportunity to those with less or no experience in a particular field.

New shed members may have no experience using tools for woodwork or metalwork but there are many members with extensive experience that are very willing to guide you in the safe and proficient use of the equipment in the Shed.If you are willing to learn there is a member to assist and be your mentor. You are most welcome to call into the shed during a period when the shed is open and have a look around.


Some of the things we do at the Umina Beach Men’s Shed

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