New research reveals an alarming decline in a colony of Little Penguins on Lion Island in Broken Bay, off the New South Wales Central Coast.

A study of the birds over the past three years shows their population is dwindling, but further south on the mainland, a colony of Little Penguins is thriving in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Marine biologist and researcher Sandra Vogel has been studying the colony since 2012.

She said it is a serious problem, that seems to be linked with their habitat.

“It seems like in recent years the population has declined pretty dramatically,” she said.

“But it definitely is a worrying trend, and if we want to make sure there are still penguins in the area in years to come, we should probably start doing something right now.”

And that is exactly what the Umina Beach Men’s Shed is doing.

The community group is now in the process of building about 12 nesting boxes for the Lion Island Little Penguins.

The use of such nesting boxes have been very successful for Manly’s colony.

Vic Brown from the Men’s Shed said the boxes have been designed in New Zealand, and are due to be taken the island later this year.

“There’s left and right-handed ones which means the entrance tunnel is on the left or the right-hand side, so there’s a short tunnel and then there’s a box arrangement which has got breathing holes in it,” he said.

“It will given them the protection that they need.”

The colony will continue to be closely monitored by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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