Fees for 2023 have been determined and will remain unchanged this year.  Fees are effective  from Monday the 3rd July 2023.

Annual Membership fee: $50.00  – Fees can be paid by direct Credit.  We ask that you phone or email the office to obtain the account details.

Daily Attendance Donation: $4.00  – This donation partly covers Materials like sandpaper etc, Power, Rates and Tea and Coffee.

You will be able to see Bill G or Vic, in the office who will accept your payment and issue a receipt.

New Shed located at

90 Osborne Avenue, Umina Beach

The DA for our new shed was approved mid 2020. The considerable amount of work followed that allowed us to commence the build..  It has been a long road with many hurdles placed in our way however, we can now see the reward.

It was a long time coming with the many hurdle’s placed in front of us cleared. Therefore, on the 27th May 2022 the slab was poured.  The construction of the shed followed on the 23rd June 2022

We have a complete structure and a lucky rainbow 14th July 2022

May 2023 – The shed and the fitout is complete and we have applied for an Occupation Certificate.  Fingers crossed the certificate will be issued shortly and in the first instance, we will  move our equipment into the building.

August 2023 – We have ticked the building boxes however one sticking point was that the carpark had to be completed.  Council was unable to complete that work so we have now completed that task so we can move forward.  We have gone back to council and wait their decision on the occupation certificate.

October 2023 – We can understand our members frustration at not having the new shed operational.  Rest assured that the Project Team/Committee is working very closely with Council to resolve issues with the existing vehicle crossing.  We keep saying it, but here’s hoping these matters will be resolved shortly allowing the move to take place.

January 2024 – Frustration with Central Coast Councils process continues.  At Councils direction, we lodged an application to leave the vehicle crossing to the Council Car Park as is. (You those who know Osborne Avenue that crossing has been in place and used for many years)  Our application was lodged and advertised with the due date the 8th of December 2023 which is well and truly passed and as far as we know, there were no objections.

So, with the festive season over, we wait for the Councils rusty wheels to turn and for the amendment to be approved.  Fingers crossed that we have good news very soon.

March 2024 – The Council wheels are still turning.  Basically our bid to retain the existing vehicle Crossover has failed and therefore we are required to replace the crossover.  In this case, Council officers have been helpful and we hope that the work will be completed very soon.  We are working through another Council challenge using the help of private planners, so, we believe that we are close to obtaining an Occupation Certificate and relocating.

Erecting the temporary fencing

Members erecting the temp fencing big job

Storage container and office in place

Ground work commenced

27/5/2022 Slab complete

22/6/2022 Shed kit being delivered                       23/6/2022 – Frame commenced

14/7/2022 Shed at lock up and we have a lucky Rainbow

31/8/2023 – Shed and security fencing

August 2023 – Completing the Council Carpark

Bunnings BBQ

We are back at doing a BBQ at Bunnings Umina Beach with very good feedback. 

We have accepted a regular spot and will be holding a BBQ on the first and third Saturday of each month.

Members BBQ

The members BBQ is held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

The BBQ commences at 11:00am.  All financial Members are invited to come along, enjoy a nice feed and good company.