Our Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe and well equipped facility;
  • To assist men of all ages, background and experience through mateship, mentoring and support;
  • To provide practical activities in a safe environment;
  • To provide instruction and training to those members wanting to raise their skill level;
  • To provide safe access for wheelchair bound men and their carers and men with a slight vision or
    physical impairment, so they can undertake activities within the limits of their capabilities;
  • To encourage and provide intergenerational learning and mentoring;
  • To focus on men’s health and well-being issues by providing qualified speakers to address appropriate
    topics and to disseminate information on where to access information about services available within our community;
  • To gain the help of health and well-being professionals as and when required; and,
  • To be aware of and address issues pertaining to loneliness, depression and isolation in unemployed or retired members


The belief that respect and politeness towards other people is essential to making our society

“David Chalke”


Together we form a strong circle

To provide a facility where men of all ages, with varying degrees of experience and many different backgrounds can meet and feel comfortable together. Where they can participate, in a practical manner, in constructive endeavours that develop self esteem and undertake projects for the benefit of the community.