New Shed – 90 Osborne Avenue – Work has been ongoing the office building is in place and for the time being, it will act as the site shed.

There is a view from what will be the entrance to the site in addition we show the blokes erecting the temporary fencing and the storage container in place.

17/5/22 – Preparation for Slab

27/5/22 – Slab complete – Hover over photo for title

Water tanks are in place refer delivery photo and the storm water “retention” tanks are in the ground.

22/6/22 – Shed materials delivered

23/6/22 – Frame commenced

14/7/22 We have a complete structure and a lucky rainbow.

28 Aug 2022 – work has continued with sound proofing installed, sewer connected, Solar Panels installed and kitchen and bathrooms lined.  The floor will be treated once the temperature warms up.

Sept Oct 2022 – Security Fence erected. The bathroom, Kitchen and toilet are painted and Kitchen base installed.

October 2023 – The building is complete, in fact all buildings within the secure compound meet Council Requirements.  However there are outstanding “issues” with the Council carpark and vehicle crossover that are holding up the issue of an Occupancy Certificate.  We hope to be able to move in before Christmas 2023 but that depends on Council.