Garage Sale

In January our Shed held an impromptu Garage Sale – held to declutter the Shed of excess tools and items that have built up over time. A group of volunteers set up and displayed all the items for sale at the CWA Hall at Umina. The sale ran across a Friday and a Saturday and we enjoyed a good deal of interest from the Peninsula community in our actual Shed activities and the overall sales were also strong.

For a first time one off event the members involved and or attended generally rated the event a success. To all those volunteers that provided their time and skills etc a big thank you.


Over the last few months we have been re-organising your storage container (between this activity and sorting items for the Garage sale, the outside work area has been very cramped – thanks for everybody’s patience) – Dexion pallet racking and a further system of shelving racking have now been installed.

The rationale being to improve safety and access levels – there is still some fine tuning to be undertaken within the actual storage location and within the various shelves – this is a work in progress.